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We discover international student athlete prospects from across the globe and provide a unique academic and athletic platform which prepares them for college by creating great habits and limiting distractions. 

What sets this program


Our program gives student athletes the best chance to succeed at the next level. Why? Because of the incomparable time and attention to detail put into each individual student athlete. Every graduate has left with a full scholarship.


Our full-time staff members all work solely on the basketball program to ensure that the athletes are receiving the training and mentorship they need to succeed. 


We create a distraction-free environment to create exceptional habits and prioritize dedication. We emphasize hard work in the classroom and on the court to develop a good work ethic. 


Our program offers a unique experience of the team living together with a focused coach to athlete ratio which allows for more time spent with the student athletes. 


Our program is tied a school with a 25-year academic track record to give its student athletes an advantage. The program also has a better international basketball connection to allow for more opportunities.

Discovering and developing


Our goal is simple: to be able to find and develop undiscovered and underdeveloped talent from across the globe to put them on a platform so that they can maximize their student-athlete opportunity. 

Our team of coaches work one-on-one with our student athletes to ensure that they succeed through hard work and dedication. 

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